Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A black day in Indian football - first division player collapses on the pitch, dies

Bangalore Mars striker, Venkatesh D, 23, collapsed on the football field at Bangalore Football Stadium. This unfortunate incident happened at 87th minute when his team was playing against South Western (SW) Railway in BDFA A Division league. Venkatesh’s team was leading 2-0 when he collapsed on ground. 

No ambulance was present at the stadium. Venkatesh’s teammates hired an auto rickshaw and took him to closest hospital, Hosmat Hospital, for immediate treatment. However, he was declared dead on arrival by the doctors. 

Doctors suggest a natural death at first sight. The exact cause of death can be ascertained only after the postmortem report comes out. His body was taken to Bowring Hospital for postmortem.

As if the Cristioano Junior’s incident, occurred more than seven years ago was not enough. As if Arun Kumar death, occurred less than a year ago was not enough. 

The disastrous event just exposes the pathetic state of Indian football. This was just waiting to happen. With no trained physicians, no ambulance, how can you manage competitive top division football? Simply just not possible using with a mere pain spray and ice pack! 

An absolute callousness from the part of the organizers, shame BDFA, shame KSFA. A black day in Indian football! 

Venkatesh, football in Bangalore will be poorer without you. Rest in peace, brother!