Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Fixture & Points Table - BDFA A Division League 2019-20

Nov 12, 2019

  1. Tuesday, Nov 4, 2019: FC Deccan 2 (Don Bosco-16', Arvind-31') Vs Parikrama 2 (Chiranjeevi-8', Sunil Manjunath-27') 
  2. Tuesday, Nov 5, 2019: Jawahar Union 1 (Prakash-12') Postal 1 (Dheeraj-5') 
  3. Tuesday, Nov 5, 2019: CIL 1 (Vivek-61') Vs BUFC 1 (Premkumar-64') 
  4. Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019: Young Challengers 4 (Yogith-23', Murali Joseph-32', Tony-59', Auyush-66') Vs BTM FC United 0 
  5. Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019: FC Deccan 6 (KD Arvind-1', Aftab-10', Surya-43', 48', 51', Stevin-67') Vs RWF 0 
  6. Thursday, Nov 7, 2019: Bangalore Gunners 4 (Arivili-26', Fernando-35'+1', Vijay-41', 70') Vs Parikrama 1 (Manoj Kumar-28') 
  7.  Thursday, Nov 7, 2019: Jawahar Union 2 (Saiminlen Haokip-43', Arpith-52') Vs CIL 0

    No matches played at RBANMS ground from 08-11-2019 to 10-11-2019
  8. Monday, Nov 11, 2019: FC Deccan 4 (Surya-10', 29', 52', Vijay-22') Vs Bangalore Gunners 1 (Saravana-14') 
  9. Monday, Nov 11, 2019: Parikrama 4 (Prashanth-8', 9', Prakash-35'+1', Tarun-70') Vs Postal 0 
  10. Tuesday, Nov 12, 2019: CIL 4 (Praksh-3', Stephen-16', Raghu-41', Kingsley-60') Vs Rail Wheel Factory (RWF) 3 (Rajesh-20', 34', 43')
  11. Tuesday, Nov 12, 2019: Young Challengers 2 (Ayush-54', Abhishek-70'+1') Vs Jawahar Union  0

    No matches played at RBANMS ground on 13-11-2019
  12. Thursday, Nov 14, 2019: 
  13. Thursday, Nov 14, 2019: 

South United cruise to 5-1 victory over Dream United

South United Media 

Despite conceding a goal, South United came back strongly, and emerged 5-1 victors against Dream United played yesterday evening. South United largely restricted their opponents to chances from set-pieces and shots from distance at one end as they continuously created opportunities down the other end. 

South United started the game well on the front foot, dominating possession as they pushed Bangalore Dream United back. Though they had most of the ball, it was Dream United who bagged the opener from a break as Akshay’s low cross found Aditya in the middle who slotted past the keeper with little pressure on him. 

The lead didn’t last too long as Umesh let fly from distance to equalise in the 23rd minute. Once SUFC drew level, they started to dominate proceedings and in the 36th minute Aaron was brought down in the box to win his side a penalty. Rungsing put SUFC in the lead from the spot and there was no looking back. 

Going into half-time, South United were showing no signs of letting up. They picked up where they left off in the second half as Sudipta and Aaron drove most of the attacks. Umesh bagged his second at the 59-minute mark after Sudipta beat three men with a mazy run to lay it on a plate for him. 

Jaison put some real daylight between the teams as he beat his marker with a smart turn and finished with aplomb past the diving goalkeeper. South United would have a few scares as Bangalore Dream United got a couple of shots on target but Bernard was alert in goal to save on more than a couple of occasions. 

Substitute Vikram added South United’s fifth in the 90th minute to make it an absolute mauling of Bangalore Dream United. SUFC now have two wins in three games as they look forward to putting together a run.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Ozone beat South United in Super Division tie

South United Media 

After an even first half, South United FC conceded two goals to Ozone FC Bengaluru’s Gagandeep Singh and Kapil Bhat to succumb to a defeat. South United would rue their missed chances as Ozone FC proved clinical with theirs to win on the day. 

Most of the first half saw both sides create plenty of chances at either end but neither showed the composure in front of goal to finish them off. Kapil Bhat proved to be a thorn in the side of the South united defence all game as he received the ball in advanced areas and linked up with the likes of Alocious and Prabin around him. The first chance of the game fell to Bhat who collected the ball at the edge of the box and turned to create some space for himself. His whipped shot was only inches wide of the post.

Not too long after, Jaison would create South United’s first chance of the game as his mazy run took him into the box but his shot was parried at the near-post by Gunashekhar.

Ozone nearly had a goal through some confusion in the South united defence as well when Bernard rushed out from the goal to collect the ball, but Nidhin oblivious to his keeper’s position attempted to cushion the ball with his head for the keeper to collect. The resulting header nearly ended up in the goal.

South United also nearly broke through in the final minutes of the half as some good pressing from Aaron meant that the ball rebounded into Magesh’s path and he was able to find a good pass to Jaison’s feet. Just as the striker shaped up to shoot, Ozone’s Shahajas put in a goal-saving tackle.
Aaron kicked off the second half well for South United as he robbed the goalkeeper of the ball and turned towards the open goal but his shot was blocked by an onrushing defender.

In the 63rd minute, South United’s custodian Bernard failed to collect a rebound and Gagandeep was at hand to slot the rebound past him to put Ozone in the lead. The opening goal seemed to have injected Ozone with some energy as they pressed well to keep South United from creating meaningful attacks.

As South United pushed forward to equalize, Ozone broke forward in the 82nd minute and Kapil Bhat was on hand to put an easy chance in the back of the net to seal their 2-0 victory.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Fixture & Points Table - BDFA Super Division League 2019-20

Nov 12, 2019

  1. Sat, 02-11-2019, 1.30 pm: FC Bengaluru United 4 (Md. Asrar Rehber-29', 34', Amey Bhatkal-36', Hardik Bhatt-81') Vs ASC 1 (Join Singh-13'
  2. Sat, 02-11-2019, 3.30 pm: South United FC 2 (Rungsing Muinao-45', Jaison Jordon VAZ-60') Vs Students Union FC 1 (Sudharshan V Lokur-78'
  3. Sun, 03-11-2019, 1.30 pm: Bangalore Independents 3 (Gopi-9', 46', Subhash-45'+1') Vs Bangalore Eagles 1 (Vishnu-81'
  4. Sun, 03-11-2019, 3.30 pm: ADE 3 (Anoop C-25', Stephen Rajkiran.L-72', Bibin Babu-78') Vs Dream United 2 (Rahul Acharya-32', Udith Rajashekar-71')
  5. Mon, 04-11-2019, 3.30 pm: AGORC 0 Vs Income Tax 0 
  6. Tue, 05-11-2019, 3.30 pm: South United FC 0 Vs Ozone FC Bengaluru 2 (Gangandeep Singh-59', Kapil Bhat-80')
  7. Wed, 06-11-2019, 3.30 pm: ADE 1 (Bibin Babu-83') Vs Students Union 1 (Rup Das-55') 
  8. Thu, 07-11-2019, 1.30 pm: AGORC 2 (Aaush David Koshy-81', Jaikumar V-87') Vs Bangalore Eagles 2 (Appu-37', Vignesh S-39') 
  9. Thu, 07-11-2019, 3.30 pm: MEG 2 (Shubam Rana-81', Parthiban K-90') Vs Income Tax 1 (AD Kumar-45'+1') 
  10. Fri, 08-11-2019, 3.30 pm: Ozone FC Bengaluru 0 Vs FC Bengaluru United 1 (Mohmmed Asrar Rehber-45'+1') 
  11. Sat, 09-11-2019, 3.30 pm: ASC 3 (Muthuraman Thiyagraqan-25', Anthony Jay Praksham -34' [OG], Jotin Singh-66') Vs Bangalore Independents 0 
    No Matches on Sunday, 10-11-2019
  12. Mon, 11-11-2019 1.30, pm: Bangalore Eagles 0 Vs FC Bengaluru United 0 
  13. Mon, 11-11-2019 3.30, pm: Dream United 1 ( Aditya Rautela-15') Vs South United FC 5 (Umesh Harijan-23', 88', Rungsing Muinao-36', Jaison Vaz-67', Vikram Venkatachalam-90') 
  14. Tue, 12-11-2019, 1.30 pm: Bangalore Independents 3 (Abdul-40', Satishkumar-45'+2, Gopi-90'+4') Vs Income Tax 0 
  15. Tue, 12-11-2019, 3.30 pm: Ozone FC Bengaluru 2 (Adarsh-66', Kapil Bhatt-76') Vs ADE 0 
16 Wed, 13-11-2019, 1.30 pm: Kickstart FC Karnataka Vs AGORC 
17 Wed, 13-11-2019, 3.30 pm: ASC Vs BFC 
18 Thu 14-11-2019 3.30 pm: Students Union FC Vs MEG 
No Matches on FRI 15-11-2019
19 Sat, 16-11-2019, 1.30 pm: Bangalore Independents Vs Kickstart FC Karnataka
20 Sat, 16-11-2019, 3.30 pm: ADE Vs ASC 
21 Sun, 17-11-2019, 1.30 pm: Students Union FC Vs AGORC 
22 Sun, 17-11-2019, 3.30 pm: MEG Vs Dream United
23 Mon, 18-11-2019, 1.30 pm: Bangalore Eagles Vs BFC 
24 Mon, 18-11-2019, 1.30 pm: FC Bengaluru United Vs Income Tax
No Matches on TUE 19-11-2019 and WED 20-11-2019
25 Thu, 21-11-2019, 1.30 pm: Income Tax Vs South United FC
26 Thu, 21-11-2019, 3.30 pm: Ozone FC Bengaluru Vs Bangalore Independents
27 Fri, 22-11-2019, 1.30 pm: Kickstart FC. Karnataka Vs ADE 
28 Fri, 22-11-2019, 3.30 pm: ASC&C FC Vs AGORC 
29 Sat, 23-11-2019, 1.30 pm: BFC Vs Students Union FC 
30 Sat, 23-11-2019, 3.30 pm: Bangalore Eagles Vs MEG & C FC 
31 Sun, 24-11-2019, 3.30 pm: Dream United Vs FC Bengaluru United 
32 Mon, 25-11-2019, 3.30: pm Kickstart FC. Karnataka Vs South United FC
33 Tue, 26-11-2019, 3.30 pm: ASC Vs MEG 
34 Wed, 27-11-2019, 1.30 pm: Bangalore Independents Vs Dream United
35 Wed, 27-11-2019, 3.30 pm: ADE Vs lncome Tax
36 Thu, 28-11-2019, 1.30 pm: Bangalore Eagles Vs South United
37 Thu, 28-11-2019, 3.30 pm: AGORC Vs Ozone FC Bengaluru
38 Fri, 29-11-2019, 3.30 pm: BFC Vs Kickstart FC Karnataka
39 Sat, 30-11-2019, 3.30 pm: FC Bengaluru United Vs Students Union
40 Sun, 01-12-2019, 1.30 pm: Ozone FC Bengaluru Vs Bangalore Dreams United
41 Sun, 01-12-2019, 3.30 pm: ASC Vs Income Tax
42 Mon, 02-12-2019, 1.30 pm: ADE Vs MEG
43 Mon, 02-12-2019, 3.30 pm: BFC Vs South United FC
44 Tue, 03-12-2019, 1.30 pm: Bangalore Eagles Vs Kickstart FC Karnataka
45 Tue, 03-12-2019, 3.30 pm: Students Union FC Vs Bangalore Independents 
46 Wed, 04-12-2019, 3.30 pm: FC Bengaluru United Vs AGORC
47 Thu, 05-12-2019, 3.30 pm: Income Tax Vs Dream United
48 Fri, 06-12-2019, 1.30 pm: Students Union FC Vs Bangalore Eagles
49 Fri, 06-12-2019, 3.30 pm: BFC Vs MEG
50 Sat, 07-12-2019, 1.30 pm: South United FC Vs Bangalore Independents 
51 Sat, 07-12-2019, 3.30 pm: FC Bengaluru United Vs Kickstart FC Karnataka
52 Sun, 08-12-2019, 1.30 pm: AGORC Vs ADE
53 Sun, 08-12-2019, 3.30 pm: Ozone FC Bengaluru Vs ASC
54 Mon, 09-12-2019, 3.30 pm: BFC Vs Dream United
No Matches on TUE 10-12-2019
55 Wed 11-12-2019 1.30 pm: Kickstart FC Karnataka Vs Income Tax
56 Wed, 11-12-2019, 3.30 pm: Bangalore Eagles Vs Ozone FC Bengaluru
57 Thu, 12-12-2019, 1.30 pm: ADE Vs FC Bengaluru United
58 Thu, 12-12-2019, 3.30 pm: AGORC Vs MEG
59 Fri, 13-12-2019, 1.30 pm: ASC Vs South United FC
60 Fri, 13-12-2019, 3.30 pm: Dream United Vs Students Union FC
61 Sat, 14-12-2019, 3.30 pm: Bangalore Independents Vs BFC
62 Mon, 16-12-2019, 1.30 pm: South United FC Vs ADE 
63 Mon, 16-12-2019, 3.30 pm: ASC Vs Kickstart FC Karnataka 
64 Tue, 17-12-2019, 1.30 pm: Income Tax FC Vs BFC 
65 Tue, 17-12-2019, 3.30 pm: Bangalore Dream United Vs Bangalore Eagles
66 Wed, 18-12-2019, 1.30 pm: FC Bengaluru United Vs MEG 
67 Wed, 18-12-2019, 3.30 pm: Bangalore Independents Vs AGORC 
68 Thu, 19-12-2019, 3.30 pm: Ozone FC Bengaluru Vs Students Union FC 
69 Fri, 20-12-2019, 3.30 pm: BFC Vs ADE 
70 Sat, 21-12-2019, 1.30 pm: Bangalore Dream United Vs AGORC 
71 Sat, 21-12-2019, 3.30 pm: Bangalore Independents Vs FC Bengaluru United
72 Sun, 22-12-2019, 1.30 pm: Income Tax FC Vs Students Union FC 
73 Sun, 22-12-2019, 3.30 pm: Kickstart FC Karnataka Vs Ozone FC Bengaluru 
74 Mon, 23-12-2019, 1.30 pm: ASC Vs Bangalore Eagles 
75 Tue, 24-12-2019, 1.30 pm: MEG Vs South United FC 
76 Tue, 24-12-2019, 3.30 pm: FC Bengaluru United Vs BFC 
No Matches on WED 25-12-2019
77 Thu, 26-12-2019, 3.30 pm: Kickstart FC Karnataka Vs Bangalore Dream United 
78 Fri, 27-12-2019, 1.30 pm: AGORC Vs BFC 
79 Fri, 27-12-2019, 3.30 pm: Students Union FC Vs ASC 
80 Sat, 28-12-2019, 1.30 pm: Income Tax FC Vs Ozone FC Bengaluru 
81 Sat, 28-12-2019, 3.30 pm: MEG Vs Bangalore Independents 
82 Sun, 29-12-2019, 3.30 pm: ADE Vs Bangalore Eagles 
No Matches on MON 30-12-2019
83 Tue, 31-12-2019, 1.30 pm: South United FC Vs AGORC 
84 Tue, 31-12-2019, 3.30 pm: MEG Vs Ozone FC Bengaluru
85 Wed, 01-01-2020, 1.30 pm: ADE Vs Bangalore Independents 
86 Wed, 01-01-2020, 3.30 pm: Kickstart FC Karnataka Vs Students Union FC Wed 
87 Thu, 02-01-2020, 1.30 pm: Bangalore Dream United Vs ASC 
88 Thu, 02-01-2020, 3.30 pm: Income Tax FC Vs Bangalore Eagles 
89 Fri, 03-01-2020, 3.30 pm: South United FC Vs FC Bengaluru United 
90 Sat, 04-01-2020, 1.30 pm: BFC Vs Ozone FC Bengaluru 
91 Sat, 04-01-2020, 3.30 pm: MEG Vs Kickstart FC Karnataka

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Roots Football School lift KSFA Youth Premier League 2019 U15, FAB win U13 category

Roots Football School became champions of the inaugural season of Karnataka State Football Association (KSFA) organized Youth Premier League Under 15 category, meanwhile Football Academy Of Bangalore – FAB, after winning all their league matches won the Under 13 category. 

At the end of the 3 month long league, Roots Football School remained unbeaten to finish top with 23 points from 9 matches, with 7 wins and 2 draws. 

It was a must win last round match against a strong Boca Juniors side at the Bangalore Football Stadium on last Sunday. Boca went ahead by a goal from Elvis in the 39th minute of the game. Yohan Victor quickly squared up for Roots in 42nd minute. Finally, Vishal R scored the winning goal for Roots in the 67th minute.