Saturday, September 4, 2010

HAL team for 2010-11


1.    Pramod P (Malabar United)
2.    ArunKumar (Viva Kerala)
3.    Another goalie to be taken on loan during the 2nd transfer window


4.    R Sreekanth (retained)
5.    Jaikumar (retained)
6.    T Karthikeyan (Indian Bank)
7.    Liliyan Kenneth (Malabar United)
8.    Joseph Femi Adeola (foreigner, retained)
9.    Rohit Chand (Player of Asian Origin, PAO from Nepal)


10.    Goutam Debnath (Vasco)
11.    Xavier Vijaykumar (retained)
12.    Rajendra Prasad (retained)
13.    SatishKumar Sr. (retained)
14.    Murali J (retained)
15.    James Singh Jr. (Air India)
16.    Bengkok Nameirakpam (Lajong FC)
17.    Sanath Kumar (Salgaonkar)
18.    Prakash Koley (BEML)
19.    Shekar Muralidharan (Churchill Brothers)
20.    Samuel Dhinakaran (Amity United)


21.    RC Prakash (BEML)
22.    Abdulla Hamza (BEML)
23.    Meikinlung (NISA)


Muralidharan (retained)

The class of 2010-11 for HAL definitely looks like a weak team on paper. What else can you expect when almost half of the regulars have moved on?

However coach sounded positive, “I know this is not the best we have, but let us not write off. We have got a decent team with a combination of youth and experience and we will put up good show.”

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