Wednesday, May 23, 2012

HAL’s approach towards the beautiful game is appalling: Baichung

HAL’s approach towards the beautiful is appalling, can’t do anything for football, and Bangalore should have a new club!

Football icon Baichung Bhutia just reiterated what every football lovers from the Garden City have been saying all these days. Baichung was addressing at the TCS World 10K Bangalore function on last Sunday, May 20, 2012. He was unleashing Nikes Finisher Tee - the T-shirt, made from recycled polyester, which will be awarded to the first 1500 finishers at the World 10K run.

On I-League
More teams are very important but if you have two more teams from Goa
and Kolkata it doesn’t make any sense. We need to have teams from different parts of the country, coz at the end of the day you need to spread the game all over. United Sikkim Football Club’s (USFC) entry into the I-League shows that football has indeed spread to the smaller cities. Currently, the main problem is that most of the teams in I-League are largely from Goa or Kolkata - that desperately needs to change, it is not good for the game.
I will still continue to play for my club, but not too much. I did play in the second division but not for the entire 90 minutes.

We need a good professional club from Bangalore. HAL has done well but we need a private limited club like USFC. HAL, being a public sector company can’t do certain things. Football has a huge following in Bangalore. There are also so many big corporates here. I think the AIFF should help out in finding investors. You need a nice club in Bangalore which is going to reach out to football lovers, the masses. We need the I-League in Bangalore, need a new professional club with new investors!

India’s World Cup U-17 bid
I think we can certainly host the Junior World Cup. I personally feel it could be step forward in the right direction. But, also, at the same time we need to develop the game. There is no point in hosting an event of such magnitude if we can’t benefit from it on the long run. We need to make sure we have the right infrastructure in place and not to embarrass ourselves. 

Foreign clubs
Foreign clubs coming to India and hosting camps is a good sign. But, the sad part is most of them are held for a very short duration - one or two weeks at the most. The kids definitely do benefit from the exposure to world class coaching, but it needs to be done on a long-term basis. I would suggest the clubs to open a school and train the kids right throughout the year instead of sending the kids on an exposure trip to Manchester United, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Arsenal, etc. It would help develop talent. 

AIFF plans
For AIFF the first thing is they need to find the right coach. Once they do that they need to give him a longer run. There’s no point in rushing and signing a coach for the sake of it. Bob had a longer period – the results were there. We need that kind of big brand name like Bob and give him a longer time. The results will then come.

inputs: Maxin Mathews

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