Friday, August 17, 2012

Coming of South United Football Club in Bangalore

Last evening, the city witnessed a new chapter in football - South United Football Club (SUFC), promoted by Lokko Sports India Pvt. Ltd., launched in a city hotel. SUFC will be an out-an-out Bangalore-based football club with a decisive aim to compete in the I-League. 

SUFC’s promoter, Lokko Sports Pvt. Ltd., operates a few soccer schools in India, also, they own a women’s football team in Mumbai. 

Former India international Raman Vijayan has been roped-in as the head coach. Definitely a challenging preposition for Raman, who few months back successfully coached KGF Academy (BEML) for BDFA Super Division title. 

Lokknath, the CEO of the endeavor stressed the importance of enriching local talents and eventual employment. Also, his soccer schools would play a feeder role in this effort. 

He added, “SUFC will hopefully inspire our young players to excel in football and look at sports as a career.”

Coach Raman Vijayan talked about the glorious past of Bangalore and how the city has contributed in Indian football. Also, brought up the plight of how the talented kids finish their career before a start because of a proper platform.
The team currently has 21 players on their roster, with a sizeable number coming from Raman’s previous club KGF Academy.

“This team is a mix of young and experience, we plan to make it a biggest side in future years.” 

“SUFC will be like a platform, conceptualized to identify young talents, who are the future and treasure of football in India. I believe, professionalizing football at the grass root Level is the need of the hour”, Raman adds up.

Team list

Goalkeeper: Harpreet Singh (United Sikkim FC), Kaleel SM (DYSS)
Defender: Shiva Kumar (KGF Academy), Rahul Sharma (Green Valley Sports Club), Gourshankar Dutta (Prayag United), Edwin (DYSS), Barun Oraon, Jayanta Rajbansi (KGF Academy) 
Midfielder: VR Murugappan (KGF Academy), Amoes (KGF Academy), M Madhukaran (KGF Academy), Manivanan (ADE), Sunil Kumar, Solai Malai, Abubakar (Students Union), Michael (DYSS)
Forward: Stephen (KGF Academy), Gopi (Postal), Rajkiran (ADE), Sridhar (ADE), Subhash R

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