Sunday, June 23, 2013

Remembering Soccor Velho

Air India player died of heart attack in Goa after playing a friendly game against India junior team. This unfortunate incident happened at him. 

It was just like the other day, when a very average Air India team ripped part host HAL’s defense.  Date April 11, 2011, venue Sree Kanterava Stadium, and the below average Aircraftmen was playing their I-League encounter against Airmen. Striking at the right time, the Airmen from Mumbai put up a convincing 3-1 win.  
Right winger Soccor Velho was a revelation that day, he scored the second goal for Air India, and came close to score many! His solo run from the half line terrorized HAL defense. 

April 17, 2011, I-League 10-11, Round XXII, HAL 1 Air India 3: Soccor the scorer, worthy name

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