Saturday, November 23, 2013

[LIVE] Airtel I-League 2013-14 - Bengaluru FC Vs Sporting Clube de Goa

Airtel I-League 2013-14

Round 9 
Sunday, November 23, 2013 
Bangalore Football Stadium

Kick-off: 3 pm


Bengaluru FC: Pawan, Osano, Johnson, Rooney, Menyongar, Chhetri, Thoi Singh, Anto, Beingaichho, Hangal, Perreira 
Sub: Manju, Vishal, Malemnganba, Robin Singh, Fanai, Mani, Colaco
Sporting Clube de Goa: Ravi Kumar, Gonsalves, Almeida, Neila, Garcia, Martins, Fernandes, Shirodkar, Rowlin, Karpeh, Lourenco
SubDevrani, Ogba, D'Mello, Mauvin, Cajetan, Velito, Sourav  
90+4 Match ends. SCG must be satisfied with this result.
90+3 another scare for SCG, almost scored
90'+2 Boima booked, applying time wasting tactic.
90' 4 mins of time added. SCG makes a substitution - Velito in Jovel out
62' first replacement for SCG, Kalu comes in for Victorino.
60' A good cross from Rino, floated for Rooney, cleared by SCG defense
55.30 Beikho to Siam to Thoi. nothing positive yet.
53' corner for BFC
50' SCG weaved a good move from the mid field
46.40 Boima takes the first crack in the second half, no harm done to BFC
46' match starts after lemon break.
45+2; End of first half - 0-0
45'+10' 2 mins added
45' Beikho fouled, free-kick for BFC. Gonsalves booked
43' move from Johnny from the right flank, dribbles two defenders, plays a wall with Thoi.
42' SCG's Offside trap is being executed in perfection!
40 Boima uses his body to beat Keegan, his shot easily collected by keeper.
39 Corner wasted by SCG
38.20 Jovel takes a long shot, from the top of the box, Pawan kumar had to stretch himself. Corner.
35.50' Boima Karpeh fouls Johnson, lucky to get away with
31.50 SGS's Pratesh Sirodkar booked
29.55' Chhetri pulled down, ref continues the game.
26.30' Beikho misses the best chance so far. his shot went wide.
24' SCG has set off-side trap for BFC, six fo far!
20' Chhetri pulled down, ref awards a freekick, Johnny's kick poses to no threat to SCG
19' BFC created 2 quick chances. Chhetri mistimes the first one, Rooney spoils another from an 1-1 position
17' ref calls an offside, much to BFC annoyance.
14.37 SCG relying on speedy counter attack.
12' Menyongar takesd a freekick from a foul, Osano's head fails to find the target.
11.11' quite an exciting encounter so far.

 Hello folks, will go live from 3.45 pm, well before the kick-off! 

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