Friday, December 18, 2015

State women's football team to play in Senior National South Zone qualifier

The Karnataka state women's football team will be participating in the South Zone qualifier 21st Senior National Football Championship 2015-16. The zonal qualification matches will be held at Trichy, Tamil Nadu from December 19 to 27. 

The championship is divided in five zone - North, South, East, West, and North-East. South zone comprises of five states - Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Karnataka, and Telengana. The top two teams from each zone will succeed to the final stage. 

The State team, consisting players mostly from Bangalore, is coached by Chitra Gangadharan start their campaign against Telengana tomorrow. 

Cristal Ann Pinto, Nischita Kaverappa, Sadhana S Holla, Ashwitha Shetty, Kavya V, Roopa G, Geetha R, Riddhi R, Radhika E, Aishwarya Vijayakumar, Amoolya Kamal, Paromita Sit, Trupthi Gangamma, Sagarika, Geethika Basapa, Carol Coutinho, Lilly Mary Thomas, Srushti Bhaskar, Srushti B R, Roopa V 
Chitra Gangadhran (Coach), Josephine Freeda (Manager) 


  • 19-12-2015: Karnataka 3 (Amoolya Kamal-41', 69', 89') Vs Telngana 1 (Roja-78')
  • 21-12-2015: Karnataka 0 Vs Pondicherry 4 (K Indumathi-15', S Pradeepa-31', Sandhiya-40', N Amsavalli-48') 
  • 23-12-2015: Karnataka Vs Kerala 
  • 27-12-2015: Karnataka Vs Tamil Nadu 

Source: The Hindu 

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