Monday, March 27, 2023

Bengaluru to host Hero Senior Women's Nationals from Wednesday

KSFA Media 

Hosts Karnataka grouped with 21-time Champions Manipur begin their campaign in the five-state Group VI qualifier of Hero 27th Senior National Women's Football Championship starting from March 29. Karnataka and Manipur are joined by Gujarat, Assam, and Bihar in this Group VI event which, will be played at the Bangalore Football Stadium.

"We will be staging one game in the morning at 8.30 am and one in the afternoon at 4.00 pm. The winner of the group will qualify for the final phase while the best-second placed stand a chance depending on the results of the other group," said N. A. Haris, President, KSFA and Vice President, AIFF.

"All arrangements have been made for the stay of teams as they start arriving from Sunday night onwards," he added.

An all-women organizers team from KSFA will be managing the entire competition which will end on the 6th of April 2023.

  1. 29th Mar, 2023, 8:30 AM: Manipur 5 (Salam Rina Roy Devi-7', 40', 52', S Lynda Kom-45'+3', 90'+2') Vs Bihar 0 
  2. 29th Mar, 2023, 4 PM: Karnataka 9 (Maitreyi Palasamudram-7', 9', 25', 29', 45'+2', 90'+1', Monalisha Marandi-21', Kaviya Pakkirisamy-22', 45'+1') Vs Gujarat 1 (Khushbu Saroj-49') 
  3. 31st Mar, 2023, 8:30 AM: Gujarat 3 (Khushbu Saroj-40', 50', 66') Vs Bihar 0  
  4. 31st Mar, 2023, 4 PM: Karnataka 3 (Maitreyi Palasamudram-9', Sonia Marak-13', Sanjita Niroula-48') Vs Assam 1 (Yangoijam Kiran Bala Chanu-87') 
  5. 2nd Apr, 2023, 8:30 AM: Manipur 6 (Iron Prameshwori Devi-29', Moirangthem Mandakini Devi-34', 45'+3', 65', S Lynda Kom-51', Kangabam Anita Devi-43') Vs Gujarat 0 
  6. 2nd Apr, 2023, 4 PM: Assam 9 (Yangoijam Kiran Bala Chanu-9'[P], 78', Yumkhaibam Hemolata Devi-34', Thingbaijam BabySana Devi-39', 90'+2', Ningthoujam Roni Devi-67', 90', Maibam Promila Devi-48', 77') Vs Bihar 1 (Nisha Kumari-73')  
  7. 4th Apr, 2023, 8:30 AM: Manipur 3 (Moirangthem Mandakini Devi-15', Salam Rinaroy Devi-61', S Lynda Kom-89') Vs Assam 2 (Ningthoujam Rni Devi-30', Yumkhaibam Hemalata Devi-36')
  8. 4th Apr, 2023, 4 PM: Karnataka 8 (Kaviya Pakkirsamy-27', 51', 58', Tara Anand-28', Maitreyi Palasamudram-42', Aruna Bag-45'+3', Sonia Marak-44', 64') Vs Bihar 0
  9. 6th Apr, 2023, 8:30 AM: Gujarat 2 (Khushbu Saroj-60', 90'+1') Vs Assam 0 
  10. 6th Apr, 2023, 4 PM: Manipur 4 (Moirangthem Mondakini Devi-5', Heigrujam Daya Devi -48', 49', S Lynda Kom-83') Vs Karnataka 2 (Kaviya Pakkirisamy-32', Aruna Bag -44'[P]) 

    Manipur Winner and Karnataka Runners-up of the Group-VI


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