Sunday, March 3, 2024

Karnataka crash out of Santosh Trophy

Losing the last game against Maharashtra, Karnataka finished bottom of Group B of final round of 77th Santosh Trophy in Itanagar, on Saturday, March 2, 2024. 

The star for the match was Mohammed Arfat Ansari for Maharashtra a who scored a hattrick. However, today’s win was not enough to Maharashtra to qualify for the quarter-final round. 

Manipur, Mizoram, Delhi, and Railways made to the knockout round from Group B.

It has been the worst performance for last five seasons for Karnataka. After dishing out an impressive performance by reaching semi-final in 2017–18, 2018–19, 2021–22, and winning the trophy last season, the state team failed to win a single game in the group stage this time. They needed to win the last two games to stay in contention for the knock-out round but lost 1-0 against Railways on Thursday, February 29 before losing 3-1 to Maharashtra on Saturday. 

    pic: Arunachal Pradesh Football Association

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Karnataka go down to 1-0 defeat at the hands of Manipur

 AIFF Media 

Defending champions Karnataka went down to Manipur in their third Group B game of 77th Santosh Trophy at the Golden Jubilee Stadium, in Itanagar, on Monday, February 26, 2024.


Ngangbam Pacha Singh scored the only goal of the match from the penalty spot in the 50th minute.


This result puts a severe dent in the defending champions’ chances for qualification to the quarter-finals, as they remain at the rock bottom of Group B with just two points from three matches. While they will have their work cut out in their last two matches against Railways and Maharashtra, who are in their own battles for qualification, one win will put them right back on track.


While with today’s win, Manipur climbed to the top of Group B. The side from the Northeast have now collected seven points from their three games, and are three points clear atop Group B.


Karnataka will take on Railways on Thursday, February 29. 

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Karnataka rally back to hold Mizoram 2-2 in Santosh Trophy

AIFF Media 

Defending champions Karnataka came from two goals down to draw 2-2 against Mizoram in Group B of the 77th National Football Championship for Santosh Trophy Final Round at the Golden Jubilee Stadium in Yupia, Arunachal Pradesh today morning. 

What looked Mizoram running away with full three points after goals from MS Dawngliana and MC Malsawmzuala but Karnataka showed the champion spirit to score twice in quick succession in the second half through Prabin Tigga and Vishal R to rescue a point. 

Today’s draw was Karnataka's second consecutive draw after a 1-1 result against Delhi on Thursday. 

Mizoram took the lead after a sensational move between Malsawmzuala and Dawngliana. With a superb behind-the-back flick, the former picked out the latter, who lashed a parabolic shot into the goal with a cleanly-hit half-volley. 

Mizoram were off the blocks quicker again in the second half and doubled their lead after another brilliant build-up. Winger Lalthankima got the better of Tigga with some exquisite footwork before cutting it in from the by-line. Arriving at the end of the cross was Malsawmzuala, who drove it into the bottom corner with a first-time shot.

But Karnataka were not done and dusted. Ravi Babu's side struck twice in two minutes to turn the game on its head. In the 67th minute, Nikhil Raj's cross from a free-kick slipped through the gloves of F Lalmuanawma and Tigga was on hand at the back post to bundle it in. Then, Sathish Kumar set up Vishal R with a great through ball into the final third. The latter took his time and slotted it in, wrongfooting Lalmuanawma.

Karnataka will be playing their third group game against Manipur on Monday, Feb 26.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Karnataka, Delhi settle for a draw in Santosh Trophy opener

Karnataka began their quest to defend the Santosh Trophy title with an 1-1 draw against Delhi played today morning at Golden Jubilee Stadium, Yupia, Arunachal Pradesh. 

Karnataka is placed in Group B along with Delhi, Maharashtra, Manipur, Mizoram, and Railways. 

Ravi Babu’s boys took the lead in 23rd minute from a wonderful wall pass from Vishal on which a 22-yard piledriver from Appu Arogyaswamy put the ball back on the net. The joy was short lived as Delhi equalized from a freak own goal by central defender Prabin Tigga three minutes later. 

Karnataka pressed hard, enjoyed most of the possession after changing ends but failed to score the winner. Their luck ran out when a Delhi striker was brought down by the other central defender Nikhil in the final moment of the game. Referee didn’t hesitate much in awarding a penalty to Delhi. Custodian Chirsturajan upped the ante and stopped Sridarth’s spot kick. 

Karnataka will be playing their second group game against Mizoram on Saturday, Feb 24, 10 AM, followed by Manipur (Feb 26), Railways (Feb 26), and Maharashtra (Mar 2). 

Friday, January 5, 2024

BDFA A Division 2023-24 - Results & Table

  1. Jan 5, 2024: Jawahar Union 4 (Sh. Lerovio-36', Alan Sanjay Xavier-37', Karthik K-67', 70') Vs  DYES 2 (Chandan SA-40', Ajaya Kadam-58') 
  2. Jan 4, 2024: Income Tax 1 (Anthony Vickey-38’) Vs Bangalore Eagles 0  
  3. Jan 4, 2024: Bangalore City FC 3 (Harholen Kipgen-28', Ngamninthang Kipgen-43', Abhishek  Pachamiya-56') Vs RWF 1 (Rajesh-39’) 
  4. Jan 4, 2024: AGORC 7 (Surya Vaithilingam-41’, Sandeep Krishna-18’, 20’, 46’, Samiulla Shaik-67’, 76’, 80’+4’) Vs ADE 0  
  5. Jan 4, 2024: BTM FC 1 (Md. Khaleel Ulla-80’+5’) Vs Parikrma FC 0
  6. Jan 4, 2024: Sree Gajanana FC 3 (Prashanth-39’, Saravanan-40’+2’, Manivannan-60’) Vs Bangalore Gunners 1 (Naveen-40+1) 
  7. Jan 4, 2024: Blitz FC 1 (Abdul Marsheek -11’) Vs Roots FS 0 
  8. Jan 16, 2024: Sree Gajanana 2 (Keshava Moorthy-34', Prashanth B-7') Vs Blitz FC 1 (Ranjan MP-50')   
  9. Jan 16, 2024: Parikrma FC 2 (Ashwin Chakravarthy-20', Syed Ahamed-80'+5') Vs RWF 1 (Prakash C-2')     
  10. Jan 17, 2024: Bangalore Eagles 7 (Britto MJ-1', Mohammed Rayan-4', 34', 71', Sanjay Kumar-16', Thoings Young Hungyo-65', Arvind Kumar-76') Vs Bangalore Gunners 
  11. Jan 17, 2024: BTM FC 1 () Vs Roots FS 1 ()  
  12. Income Tax 3 (Mawblei-11', Yaiphaba-40'+5', Vikupu-60') Vs ADE 2 (Stephen-31', Ronaldo-70') 
  13. Jan 18, 2024: Bangalore City FC 3 (Abhishek P- 6', Ngammin Thangkipgen-21', 79') Vs DYES 2 (Chandan SA-18', Madhan TM-33') 
  14. Jan 18, 2024: Jawahar Union 3 (Tengo Stephen-7', Alan Sanjay Xavier-10', Adrian Peter -80'+1') Vs AGORC 1 (Sandeep Krishnan-21') 
  15. Jan 23, 2024: Parikrma FC 4 (Vishal Kumar-52', 80'+1', Lanchungrei Pamei-80'+3'[P], Samuel Gogi-80'+7') Vs DYES 1 (Chandan SA-29') 
  16. Jan 23, 2024: Jawahar Union 1 (Karthick-75'[P]) Vs Income Tax 0 
  17. Jan 25, 2024: Sree Gajanana 2 (Prashanth B-19'[P], Sanjay S-58') Vs Roots FS 0   
  18. Jan 25, 2024: Bangalore City FC 1 (Ayush Himanshu Panchamiya-21') Vs AGORC 0  
  19. Jan 26, 2024: ADE 5 (Champhamayum Ratanbi Singh-6', 10', 12', Chingtham Ronaldo Singh-16[P], Sunil Kumar L-32' ) Vs Bangalore Gunners 1 (Arun Pandi-54'[P]) 
  20. Jan 31, 2024: Sree Gajanana FC 2 (Prashanth B-31', Sanjay S-67') Vs Bangalore Eagles FC  0
  21. Jan 31, 2024: BTM FC 3 (Aayush David Koshy -50', Mugilan M-29', 44') Vs DYES 2 (Omprakash -46', Chandhan-72') 
  22. Jan 31, 2024: Blitz FC 1 (Pravruth BH-65') Vs ADE 0    
  23. Feb 1, 2024: Parikrma FC 3 (Ashwin Chakravarthy -27', Vishal Kumar Ravindra-71', Rinso Shaiza-80'+4') Vs AGORC 2 (Surya Ethilingam-11' Samiulla Shaikeh-64') 
  24. Feb 1, 2024: Bangalore Gunners FC 0 Vs Jawahar Union FC 0
  25. Feb 1, 2024: RWF 2 (K Madan Kumar -10 '[0G], Rithish R-20' ) Vs Roots FS 1 (Rajendran A-'58') 
  26. Feb 2, 2024: Bangalore City FC 1 (Haominthang Kipgen-80'+5') Vs Income Tax 1 (IainehLang Mawblei-12’) 
  27. Feb 6, 2024: DYES 2 (Chandan SA-18’, Madhan TM -67’) Vs RWF 1 (Prakash Chandar-48’) 
  28. Feb 6, 2024: Sree Gajanana 1 (Stlin A-61’[P]) Vs ADE 0  
  29. Feb 7, 2024: Jawhar Union 4 (Melwyn Emmanuel-23’, Alan Sanjay Xavier-35’[P], Karthick K-43’, Reuel Melvin Fernandes-60’) Vs Blitz FC 0   
  30. Feb 7, 2024: Parikrma FC 3 (Ashwin Chakravarthy-56’, Thangjalen Haokip-63’, Syed Ahamed-79’) Vs Income Tax 1 (Yensembam Umakant Singh-74’) 
  31. Feb 13, 2024: Jawahar Union 3 (Tyangao Stephen-57’, 58’, Prateek Kashyap-64’) Vs Sree Gajanana 1 (Srinivasan K-32’) 
  32. Feb 13, 2024: RWF 1 (Yogith S-61’) Vs BTM FC 0  
  33. Feb 13, 2024: Bangalore Eagles 6 (Yokshim A Wunghi-23’, 33’, Maiya Ningshem-52’, Sanjay Prasad K-72’, Sanjay Kumar-76’, Vishnu Vardhan-80’+1’) Vs Blitz FC 0 
  34. Feb 14, 2024: Bangalore City FC 2 (Ahamed Wani-71’, Ameen Japrel R-74’) Vs Bangalore Gunners 1 (Abhishek Chattry-71’) 
  35. Feb 14, 2024: Roots FS 3 (Madhialagan-14’, 58’, Sahrudai Vaddi-39’) Vs DYES 1 (Chandan SA-80’+1’) 
  36. Feb 16, 2024: AGORC 4 (Sudharshan V Lokar-6’, Surya Vaithilingam-40’+3’, Arun Pondy-53’, P Sandeep Krishnan-74’) Vs BTM FC 2 (Mir Mohamed Raza-60’, Gautham Shivakumar-80’) 
  37. Feb 16, 2024: Bangalore Eagles 1 (Sanjay Kumar-54’) Vs ADE 0  
  38. Feb 20, 2024: Bangalore Eagles FC 2 (Yokshim A Wunghi-28’, Thotngaying Hungyo-40’+2’) Vs Roots FS 1 (Madhialagan-39’)  
  39. Feb 20, 2024: RWF 1 (Nandakumar D-80'+2') Vs AGORC 0 
  40. Feb 20, 2024: BTM FC 1 (Rohan Jonathan-45') Vs Income Tax 0  
  41. Feb 21, 2024: Blitz FC 0 Vs Bangalore City FC 4 (RS Jlcis-1’, Dheeraj Shreshtha-16’, Somipam CH-78’, Tejas Thomas-80’+1’)  
  42. Feb 21, 2024: Parikrma FC 4 (Syed Ahamed-40’+1’, 45’, 71’, 80’+1’) Vs Bangalore Gunners FC 1 (Vinoth Kumar M-6’)  
  43. Feb 21, 2024: ADE 1 (Champhamayum Ratanbi Singh-75’) Vs Jawahar Union 1 (Yohann Thomas Jacob-28’) 
  44. Feb 23, 2024: AGORC 1 (Sudharshan V Lokar-41’) Vs DYES 0 
  45. Feb 26, 2024: Bangalore Eagles FC 1 (Yokshim Awungshi-15’) Vs Jawahar Union FC 0 
  46. Feb 26, 2024: RWF 4 (Jayavandan Sigamani-10’, 43’, Yogith N-52’, Vijaya R-60’) Vs Income Tax 1 (Clifford F-80’)
  47. Feb 26, 2024: Sree Gajanana 1 (Prashant B-63’[P]) Vs Bangalore City FC 1 (R S Jlcis-21’) 
  48. Feb 27, 2024: BTM FC 2 (Rohan Jonathan-15’, Md. Khaleel Ulla-40’) Vs Bangalore Gunners FC 1 (Naveen Srikumar PA-18’) 
  49. Feb 27, 2024: Roots FS 3 (Darshan V-36’, Gurveer Singh-78’, Rajendran A-80’+5’) Vs ADE 1 (Clapham Yum Ratan Singh-57’)
  50. Feb 27, 2024: Parikrama FC 1 (Rinso Shaiza -77) Vs Blitz FC 0 
  51. Feb 29, 2024: AGORC 0 Vs Income Tax 0  
  52. Feb 29, 2024: Bangalore Eagles 1 (Sanjay Kumar S-80’+6’[P]) Vs Bangalore City FC 0
  53. March 1, 2024: RWF 8 (Prakash Chandra-5’, Yogith-19’, Jayavandan Sigamani-32’[P], Praveen Kuamr S-52’, 66’, 78’, Mighael Gabrael Nile-53’, 80’+1’) Vs Bangalore Gunners FC 1 (Rivaldo JC-62’)
  54. March 1, 2024: BTM FC 2 (Rohan Jonahtan-31’, 32’) Vs Blitz FC 1 (Pravruth BH-48’)  
  55. March 1, 2024: Parikrma FC 4 (Thangjalen Haokip-14’, Ashwin Chakravarthy-59’, Samuel Gogi -68’, Dinesh S-78’) Sree Gajanana FC 0