Saturday, January 15, 2011

BDFA XI to participate in the Don Bosco - Fr. Mcferran Trophy

The BDFA XI comprising of players from Super division, A division, under-19, and under-21 team will participate in the Don Bosco - Fr. Mcferran Trophy 2011 to be held in Chennai. 

16 teams have entered in this biennial tournament and it will be played on a knock-out format. BDFA XI plays their first match on Monday, January 17 against Brothers Club, Kannur.
BDFA XI has won the Don Bosco - Fr. Mcferran Trophy on the 2006 and they were runners up on the 2008 edition.
BDFA XI team:
Nagendra (KSP), Ravindran (Postal), Rakesh Babu, Vinod Kumar, Avinash, Hayath Khalandar, Stephen, Tiken Singh, Karthigayen (all BEML), B V Pradeep (KSP), C S Pradeep Kumar (Captain, KSP), Mohan R (BEL), B Prakash (Postal), Kiran Kumar (Bangalore Mars), Chethan Kumar (Postal), Vinod (RWF)
Coach - Devvo and Manager Malle Gowda


  1. Do you have any idea when the super division league in bangalore is starting?

  2. Good question dude, wish I know this answer.
    However, BDFA heavily relies on the Bangalore Football Stadium ground. I'm sure they'll resume the league once the turf is laid out and all of HAL's home matches are committed.