Monday, March 14, 2011

RC penalty strike snatches point from Chirag

What innocuously looked like a straight drive in front of the Chirag United’s defenders appeared like a tackle to the  referee, and the obvious, penalty was rewarded. Old war horse RC Prakash bagged the opportunity with open arms, scored and leveled parity in the last minute of the match. Until this juncture the match seemed slipped for HAL and Chirag was on the verge of clinching 3 points from an away encounter.

Though HAL didn’t have Xavier, but they played well with limited options and everyone carrying out the role. The defense had a good match with Femi and Lillian trying Junior and Josimar not to settle down.

The Chirag United strikers had their set of missed chances with the ball supplied by mid-fielder Lalkamal Bhowmik most of the time. Junior was unlucky to miss a header that touched the inside post and came out.

HAL built their game by playing several short passes among themselves and by doing that they did disturb Chirag’s defense. The final minute of the first half saw an excellent pass from Maleng for Hamza at the top-right corner of the penalty box, however, Hamza’s grounder went wide of the goal.

HAL started well in the 2nd half, however, Chirag came back in the game moments later. They raided HAL defense with Josimar and Junior constantly keeping the defenders on their toes. The goal came in the 73rd minute when Mama passed to Josimar, Josimar placed the ball in his 2nd attempt after the first one got rebounded and came back to him.

Down with a goal, HAL tried with no such success. HAL finally equaled only when the match went to the stoppage time. trying to get thru Chirag defense, RC was covered by 3 defenders. Sukhen Dey’s hard tackle brought RC down on the ground. Referee awarded penalty for HAL and RC converted that to a goal thus saving the day for the Aircraftmen.

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