Sunday, March 13, 2011

HAL hoping for a better fare

Their last 2 matches, one away and one home didn’t give them a favorable result. Within 5 days after playing their 18th round I-league match, it is HAL Vs Chirag United game on. The later had the last laugh in the 1st leg encounter at Kolkata. HAL could only hope for get the result in their favor.

They have their share of worry - a groin injury in the last match might force team’s lynchpin Xavier VijayKumar out of the match. However, the final decision will be taken before the start of the match. Rest seems to be the familiar XI with no card-related suspensions on the hand.

Under the watchful eyes of Subrata Bhattacharya, Chirag United had a grueling session at the match venue just 24 hours before the match. They are definitely not taking HAL lightly, identified the major threats from their opponents are worked out the plan accordingly.

Ulaganathan (2nd from left) and Aurmnaygam (3rd from left) - great players and proud sons of Bangalore who made the football-crazy people of Kolkata proud in the 60's and 70's. They've come to meet their dear friend Chirag Coach Subrata Bhattacharya (leftmost). Also see are the other coaches Sanjay Sen (2nd from right) and Anjan Nath (1st from right)


  1. Hi

    I sat just behind them in the stadium on the match against Chirag United.. Many people came to meet them.. but didn't know about their achievements..Thanks to your blog...


  2. Hey thanks!

    Aurmnaygam is a regular visitor for the matches. However, Ulaga is not, perhaps heavy influence of Bangal football. :)

    I've written an exclusive on Ulaganathan here,