Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A point after 10 rounds, finally!

11th placed Sporting Clube de Goa played a 2-2 draw against bottom placed HAL at the final round of the first leg of I-league.

Is it the different home color in classic diagonal white line or the return of Rohit Chand that helped HAL to collect a point in Round 13 and that came only after a draw
they played against Pailan Arrows in Round 3.

In all fairness folks, I’ve have stopped counting all the footballing reasons for HAL’s losses! For sure they played the 2nd half first, and I see that to be a good reason for this result.

As a matter of continuity, striker Hamza carried on his form, my match note says:
  • 19’ good cross from Vinoth from the right flank for Hamza, the later attempts a meek backhead.
  • 31’ Unbelievable miss by Hamza! From left flank, Malemn backheals to Rohit, cuts through the penalty box, and sets up an excellent cross. Hamza's header goes out.
  • 40’ Hamza is all alone inside the penalty box, fumbles bigtime, he had no clue whatsoever. 
I’ve few more on my note, but hey, football is not about an individual player.

Young medio Anthony D’Souza gave a lead to the Flaming Oranje in the 33rd minute of the match. RC Prakash quickly restored parity for the host from a defensive lapse in 38th minute.

HAL made several forays from the flanks, however, the strikers could not take the aerial advantage, they could not convert to goal from the deft crosses. 

After changing ends, HAL looked more determined, they took the lead in the 50th minute from a beautiful 25-yard long range from Gautam Debnath. 

Accurate long ranger from Gautam Debnath
53rd minute and It was again the talented Anthony D’Souza who leveled for the Goan team. Antony was given enough free space by HAL defense, he nicely dribbled past a couple of defenders, and  scored a brace for his club.

Sporting coach Ekendra Singh appeared unhappy due to the match result, he thought his team deserved to win this match. 

Anthony D’Souza was declared the man of the match.

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