Saturday, June 2, 2012

HAL transfers – season 2012

  1. Pramod P – Mohammedan Sporting
    good temperament player, seen few best saves in I-league yet found on the losing side. Also has the worst goal conceding record (50+), definitely he would like to improve on that

  2. Joseph Femi Adeola – Mohammedan Sporting
    called the ROCK, totally committed, very good human being much improved as a player since he came to India in 2007.
    However, he was release in the season owing to Visa issue.
  3. Bijoy Das – United Sikkim Football Club *

  4. Gautam Debnath – Mohammedan Sporting
    utility player, knows his limitation. Lacks creativity, can play in central defense, side back, defensive midfield. Not much effective on overlap

  5. Deepak Prakash – Pailan Arrows
    Hardly used by HAL management, got a new lease of life in Pailan, can he live up to his potential?
  6. Malemngamba Meetei – Salgaonkar
  7. Ajitkumar Singh – Mohammedan Sporting
    out and out midfielder also used as a striker (how ridiculous) in HAL

  8. Abdulla Hamza – Salgaonkar rejected by Salgaonkar, back to HAL

  9. Ahatesam Baux - Mohammedan Sporting
    back in Md Sport, hardly used by HAL coach last season
  10. Koushik Bose - Mohammedan Sporting plagued by injury right at the beginning of the season, never seen him playing and was never used in I-league
  11. Muttath Sudheesh - Vasco
    Back to his old team, again sparingly used in HAL
* Not confirmed

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