Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Students Union defeats HAL

This was never going to be an easy game for HAL! Students Union, after a well fought and hard earned Super Division promotion, are out there to prove a point. The new promoted team exploited the despair of a disarrayed team and scored a 1-0 victory over HAL. 

The goal came in the 68th minute after a well-planned move from Jai and Philip. Along with John, they moved inside the Hal’s penalty box and Samantha placing the ball into the net.
HAL never got their act together and failed to come back to the game. Thanks to some good team work by Students Union! 

Seems like the newly appointed HAL coach, Chandrasekhar did not take the last year A Division runners-up seriously. He needs to study his opponents and come up with a strategy, else it will be tough of the I-League team to be in the title contention.

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  1. HAL needs to learn from their lessons........over confidence does not take them anywhere....hopefully they do well in future....very happy for students union!!a team filled with youngsters and performing really well.....All the best