Saturday, September 15, 2012

BDFA Juniors to participate in AIMA-TFA Shield

BDFA junior team will be playing at the AIMA-TFA Shield organized by the Tamilnadu Football Association, Chennai. This is one of the oldest football tournament, which has been revived recently.

This team was not the original choice, and was invited only after Sikkim Football Academy pulled out at the last moment. BDFA decided to sent a relatively young side comprising of the college boys who have shown their skills at the recently concluded BDFA league. 

This tournament is played in the knockout basis. BDFA juniors will play their first match tomorrow against Integral Coach Factory, Chennai

Also playing in this tourney is newly formed Bangalore team South United, however, the team lost their first round match today against Southern Railways, Chennai 1-4.

Santosh (Young Challengers - C Division), Vinod (Bangalore Independents - B Division), Sunil (ADE - Super Divison), Chandrashekhar (Crescent - C Division), Shiva (Bangalore Independents - B Division), Harish (Young Challengers - C Division), Kiran (SAI - A Division), Karthik JB (BUFC - A Division), Sudarshan (SAI - A Division), Rajesh (BTM - C Division), KV Aditya (Excelsior - C Division), Binay (Tilak Memorial - C Division), Syed Khalid (BTM - C Division), Arun (Bangalore Independents - B Division), Zabi (Bangalore Independents - B Division), Ranjan (Blitz - C Division), Stalin (Young Challengers - C Division), Milton (Tilak Memorial - C Division)

Coach - Manivannan
Manager - B Kamal


September 15, 2012: South United 1 Vs Southern Railways, Chennai 4
September 16, 2012: BDFA Juniors 0 Vs Integral Coach Factory, Chennai 6

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