Friday, January 4, 2013

A Bangalore-based footballer and writer

 by Saurabh Rai

Pranay Thapa, a footballer playing in the Bangalore Super Division League (BDFA) for Students Union Football Club who hails from Gyalshing (West Sikkim) has done something with which we don’t relate footballers that often barring the Autobiographies which they write mostly after retirement. Pranay has just completed writing his first book titled They get what they want.

Pranay’s book is a fiction which revolves around three main protagonists and is based in Brazil and it also gives a message which is so connected with the present scenario of women empowerment prevailing in the country. Pranay said, “My first love has always been football and being in the field playing the game has always given me tremendous happiness but reading books and writing has been my other passion in life and I had this long cherished dream of writing a book which has finally come true” and he further added that there are a few references to football in the story. 

This book published by Bangalore-based Triangle printing house will be formally launched next week and soon will be available in the market. Pranay is also planning a separate launch in Kolkata in February where Sanju Pradhan, East Bengal captain will grace the occasion as the Chief Guest along with many other footballers. 

Along with writing a book and playing football, Pranay is also busy pursuing MBA (Marketing) from a reputed Institute in Bangalore and it does not end there as he has recently launched charity, “Sasonian Foundation” with which Pranay helps the poor and needy people by distributing food, clothes and even monetary assistance. Pranay said, “This charity is quite new but I am trying my best to promote it even further and plan to invest a portion of the profit which I will get from the book sales towards it, I also expect many like-minded individuals to join me in this noble cause.” 

People like Pranay sends out a positive message to the Youths that it’s not impossible to pursue you passion and also remain focused in your studies. Well we talk about smart footballers in this age and may be Pranay Thapa fits in that category perfectly! 

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