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[LIVE] Airtel I-League 2013-14 - Bengaluru FC Vs MohunBagan

Airtel I-League 2013-14

Round I  

Kick-off: 4 pm

Scorer:  Rooney (50')
- 1
Scorer: Sabeeth (90'+1') 

Bengaluru FC: Pawan Kumar; Vishal, John Johnson, Curtis Osano, Keegan; Siam; Thoi, Malemn; Beikho; John Menyyongar; Sean Rooney
Sub: Bruno Colaco, Sunil Chettri, Fanai, Robin Singh, Norishan Mani, Rino Anto, Manju 
McDowels MohunBaganSandip Nandi; Eche, Aibor, Sali, Zakeer; Denson, Adil, Katsumi, Ravinder; Sabeeth, Eric
Sub: Shilton, Kinshuk, Row
ilson, Shankar, Borges, Ram Malik, Rajob Ghorui
90+4' ref blows the final whistle - Lucky escape for   must be ruing for the missed chances!
90+3 corner from Bagan, wasted! 90+1: G-O-O-A-L - came out of the blue for Bagan, Sabeth heads from a corner  
90 Thoi gets a double booking - show the door - Red Card 
89.30' Sabeeth fouls John Johnson - Yellow 
89' Corner for BFC, Chherti taking it
87' Shankar fouls Keegan, he's down on the ground.
84' Something is really wrong with Bagan defense, and BFC is missing the easiest of the chances! 
83' Aibor misses Robin's center from right flank, Chhetri misses a sitter of a chance!
81' Last change for BFC -Robin in IN Malemn OUT
80' Kareem has probably thrown the last dice - going for 4-3-3
79' Shankar Oraon IN looks like Adil OUT
76' BFC playing far more organized fashion, good passing game in second half. 
74' Anto brought down by Nicolau, freekick for BFC 
73' Lovely display by the Manipuri  midfield duo - Thoi and Malemn, equally good clearence from Eche!
71' Substitution for BFC Rino Anto IN Vishal OUT
70' Match attendance - 6,500, impressive! 
68' Yusa's shot hits the post, almost equalized for Bagan 
67' Adil Khan fouled, freekick for Bagan, Yusa to take.
66' corner for BFC, Malem it is, wasted 
64' Corner tamely cleared, falls in Rooney feet, his shot goes wide.
63' a hurried attack from BFC, Kinshuk defends, corner
61' Iche lying in ground, game halted
60' Yusa again, great move from right, his poowerful shot hit the post! 
59' Great move from Chhetri, Siam Hangal lob, goes wide
56' Big cheer for the National Captain
55' Substitution for BFC Sunil Chhetri IN Beikhho OUT
53' Nicolau IN Ravinder OUT
51' Sean Rooney's shot saved by Sandip Nandy! 
51' Keegan fouled by Iche inside the box, PENALTY 
50' G-O-O-O-A-L, Vishal kumar's thru Rooney makes in 1-0
48' Katsumi barges the middle-third, passes to the Sabbeth, long shot desn't trouble keeper. 
46' Katsumi brought down, freekick for Bagan
46' 2nd half starts, Kingshuk IN Sali OUT half-time analysis
 - home team looked a much fitter team, they've impressed all, Bagan lucky to survive so far,
 - other than the penalty shot, the BFC keeper has been barely tested

45' +1 min added time
44' both the Bagan strikers are looking off, unable convert any chances 
44' Corner for Bagan, cleared by Big John Johnson 
43' Great diving save from Bagan custodian Nandy from Rooney's freekick. 
42' Sali foules Malen - Yellow 
41' Good skill from Vintage Johnny, caght bagan defense napping.
40' Katsumi tries a solo, misses by mile
37' Midfield is just not working for Bagan, Katsumi is looking frustrated!
36' Lucky save for Bagan, Denson's poor clearance w gave a chance for John Johnson to head, Sandip was out of sight, the ball hit the post. 
35' BFC controlling the midfield, Siam, brought down by Sali
28' Good coordination in left flank by BFC.
27' Denson's freekick missed by a whisker, a good one!
26' Adil brought down by John, freekick for Bagan from a good spot
22' Katsumi is the only one who's looking impressive, creates a chance for Sabeeth, the later takes a feeble shot 
21' back to corners for BFC
20' Good move after a sloppy clearance from Bagan midfield 
19' Corner for Bagan, Denson takes it, cleared out...
17' Aibor fouls Thio - Yellow card
16' match restarts
15' fouls Keegan lying in deep pain, Wahid Sali fouled him.   
13' Penalty miss should cost Bagan dear, BFC ready to utilize the opportunity. 
10' And Pawan Kumar saves it... a straight bad shot from the Japanese. 
8' What- ohh my, Katsumi brought down be Keegan, it a PENALTY for Bagan, Katsumi it is/...
7' Eric in counter, ball collected by goalie. 
6' Exciting game in offing, Beikho on prowl. 
4' BFC pressing hard, a goalline save from MMB, managed a corner  but in vain.
2' Keegan brought down, freekick for BFC, Denson clears it.
0': Historic moment for BFC and the match kick's off, they're attacking from left to right!
Bagan seems to be playing the tried and tested 4-4-2 combination. BFC 4-5-1, and they's left Chhetri from the starting XI. 
well-well-well, Beikho seems to be the other striker 

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