Friday, September 20, 2013

Ryan International School lifts 3rd Parikrma Champions League Equality Cup

Two schools from the Garden City, Inventure Academy and Ryan International School played an exciting match at the finals of the Parikrma Champions League. Both the teams scored a goal each in the regulation time. The extra time of 10 minutes yielded no results and finally the winner was decided on tie-breaker. 

In the Penalty shootout, Ryan International School scored all 5. 
A friendly game was played for the CEO’s of different organisations such as Invneture, Embassy, Identity, Adobe etc. against Parikrma All-stars team which included a mix of students from the participating schools of the tournament. 

Parikrma Champions League had the closing ceremony after the finals with a grand performance by the students of Parikrma Humanity Foundation. Different forms of dance from Kathakali to freestyle to hula hoop, it was a delight to watch them shake their legs. To give away prices at the ceremony we had special guests from the sports fraternity like Indian Football Captain, Sunil Chetri, sports commentator, Charu Sharma, and KSFA/BDFA officials. 
  • Player of the tournament: Tej Veer Rehki
  • Best coach: Jenny Freddy
  • Best playmaker: Prashant Eshwar, Parikrma Centre for Learning
  • Best defender: Haas Krishna, Ryan International School
  • Fairplay award: St.Micheal’s School, Kerala
Winner of 3rd Parikrma Champions League - Ryan International School 

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