Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Raman Vijayan and Manivannan clears AFC A-Certificate Course

Eleven candidates including former India international and coach of the Bangalore Super Division team South United Raman Vijayan and have passed the AFC A-Certificate Course which was held in Kolkata from March 14 to April 9, 2014. 

In the pro-pass category, coach of another Bangalore Super Division team ADE, Manivannan cleared his course. 

Twenty Candidates had appeared in the course which was conducted by Mr. Vincent Subramanium from Singapore and Lim Kim Chon of Malaysia.

The following is the list of successful Candidates who passed the Course.

Passed Candidates: Raman Vijayan, Langam Chaoba Devi, Prasanta Chakrabarty, Kundan Chandra, Sankarlal Chakraborty, Subroto Dutta, Mridul Kanti Banerjee, Arun Saha, E.S. Shyam, Tarun Dey and Biswajit Bhattacharya.

Pro-Pass Candidate: D. Manivannan

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