Friday, August 1, 2014

[Notice] Participation of Teams in U-19 I-League

AIFF Media 

The All India Football Federation (AIFF) informs that apart from the I-League and Second Division League teams, Clubs and Academies interested to play in the upcoming U-19 I-League are allowed to participate. 

The primary reason for incorporating such teams in the competition is to increase the participation of the youth of India into the AIFF’s mainstream youth tournament – the U-19 I-League. 

The competition will act as the primary pool from which young talents are chosen for the I-League and Second Division Clubs. 

In order to compete in the U-19 I-League, the teams need to get their youth system accredited through the AIFF Academy’s certification programme, which aims to set a standard of Youth Development in the country through a certification. 

The Brochure and Application form for Certification can be downloaded at  

A minimum rating of two stars is applicable for such clubs/academies to qualify for the U-19 I-League. 

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