Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Karnataka not a part of the women's U-15 (sub-junior) national

Karnataka is almost making a habit of not participating in women's U15 (sub-junior) national competition. Team gave the competition a miss last year too.

The tournament is starting from May 8 at Cuttack, Odhissa. As per the tournament fixture published on the AIFF website, there's no mention of Karnataka. Other participating teams from the southern region are – Tamil Nadu, Kerala, newly formed Telangana, and Pondicherry. Andhra Pradesh is the other team missing this competition. 

What is more baffling is that a newly formed Telangana or small Pondicherry is participating in this annual even but not Karnataka. 

Several schools across the state have girls’ football team, not to forget a handful of good football academies in the city picking up the quality of women’s football. 

We're yet to receive any official statement from KSFA. A big let down for Karnataka Football! 

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