Sunday, August 27, 2017

End of an era, Olympian Ahmed Khan no more

Indian Football legend, double Olympian Ahamed Khan, 90, expired at his residence today at 3.30. Born in December 24, 1926, Ahmed Khan started his football career playing for his Father Baba Khan's Team Bangalore Crescents, later attained prominence playing for Bangalore Muslims, a prominent team of the 1940's.

Khan represented India in the 1948 Olympics at London. Owing of his immense talent and high skill, players and the Press came and touched his feet to ensure that no adhesive or gum like thing is attached to his feet. His ball control earned the sobriquet Snake Charmer of Indian Football. 

After winning the Rovers Cup for Bangalore Muslims in 1948, he migrated to East Bengal Club and represented till 1960 and for the Famous Five of East Bengal, others being Sale, Dhanaraj, Appa Rao, and Venkatesh. They formed the most lethal forward line of the 1950 to 1960 era and won almost all the major tournaments of the country. They were popularly known as the 5 Pandavas of India Football.

He was one of the few players who had the honour of playing in two Olympics and two Asian Games. Represented India in 48 (London) and 52 (Helsinki) Olympics and 51 (Delhi) and 54 (Manila) Asian Games.  

During Ahmed Khan's playing days he had millions of fans. Silver Screen idol Dilip Kumar who had a huge fan following was himself a great fan of Ahmed Khan.

Ahmed Khan is survived by his Wife Rabia Begum, Son Majid Khan and Daughter Parveen Begum.

His body is kept at his house at Makan road, Coles Park, opp Church-Makan road. Funeral and Namaz-e-Janza will take place tomorrow at Haji Ismail Sait Mosque, Mosque Road, Bangalore at 01:30 PM, and the burial thereafter at Tannery road graveyard. 

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