Tuesday, August 23, 2022

BDFA Super Division 2022-23 - Day 1

Bangalore District Football Association's (BDFA) Super Division League, city's flagship league kicked off today at Bangalore Football Stadium. 

The main feature of this edition is that the league is played with 20 teams, something that even I-League and ISL yet to put up. 

The last edition was played between 15 teams with no relegation. While 2 new teams were promoted from previous season, 3 new teams were given direct entry to Super Division. 

1 FC Bengaluru United
2 Kickstart FC
3 Bangalore Eagles FC
4 Bengaluru FC
5 Jawahar Union
8 BUFC   
9 Kodagu FC
10 FC Deccan
11 FC Deccan
12 Thanco's Students Union FC
13 Bangalore Dream United
14 Young Challengers - Not relegated 
15 ADE - Not relegated  
16 Rebels FC - Promoted to Super Division
17 Friends United FC - Promoted to Super Division
18 Roots FC - New affiliation 
19 FC Agniputhra - New affiliation
20 Sporting Club Bengaluru - New affiliation

Certainly Kalid Jamil, FCBU's new coach for this season expected a tough opponent in season's first competetitive game. However, their opponent Jawahar Union, turned up late, and struggled to assemble players so that it can constitute an official game. 

While BUFC begin the league with a positive note beating strong Bangalore Eagles, Roots FC sprung a surprise by beating MEG.

Result - Aug 22, 2022

  • FC Bengaluru United 17 (Hardy Cliff Nongbrin-8', 37', 77', Aenam Graffenberg Jyrwa-17', 25', 87', Manvir Singh-31', Selwyn Frazer Miranda-33', Sajan Franklin-40', 47', Chesterpoul Lyngdoh-56', 68', 85', 90', Praful Kumar-65', Bedashwor Singh-69', 89') Vs Jawahar Union FC 0 
  • BUFC 2 (Patrick Mon Couer Libii-65' Jeevith KN -72') Vs Bangalore Eagles FC 0
  • Roots FC 1 (Amogh G-29') Vs MEG 0  

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  1. No doubt footballing in Bangalore is great place not only for players but also for Coach's and other supporting staffs to achieve their dreams.