Friday, September 21, 2012

Selection trials for Students Union Football Club

Sure this will be a great news to the budding players looking out for a top football club in the Garden City. We get to see several posts by the aspiring footballers on our Football in Bangalore wall and various ones messaging the same -  asking for clubs and trials.

So here is this for you...  
Open selection trials for the Students Union football team will be held at the Bangalore Football Stadium from today, September 21 thru Sunday, September 23, 3pm – 5pm.
Students Union is a BDFA Super Division team, they were promoted to Super Division last season. Also, they are the only privately managed club playing in Super Division.
Last season they started their campaign stupendously by defeating HAL. However, they lost focus midway owing to player’s injury a decent bench-strength, and somehow avoided relegation.

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  1. I am 13 year old and i want to be a future player will they make me one?