Saturday, October 5, 2013

[LIVE] Airtel I-League 2013-14 - Bengaluru FC Vs United Sports Club

Airtel I-League 2013-14

Round 2 
Sunday, October 6, 2013 
Bangalore Football Stadium

Kick-off: 4 pm

Scorer: John Johnson-3' 

Bengaluru FC: Pawan Kumar; Vishal Kumar, Curtis Osano, John Johnson, Keegan Perreira; John Menyongar, Darren Celdeira, Beikhokei, Siam Hangal ; Sean Rooney, Sunil Chhetri
Sub: NS Manju, 
Malemnganba Meitei, Robin Singh, Thoi Singh, Rino Anto, Bruno Colaco, Lalrojama Fanai
United Sports Club: Sangram Mukherjee; Dhanachandra, Bello Rasaq, Anupam Sarkar, Dipak Mondal, ; Asif K, Jayanta Sen, Eric Brown, Souvik Chakraborty; Ranti Martins, Md. Rafique
Sub: Biswajit Biswas, Vineeth, Barun Oraon, Baldeep Singh, Snehasish Chakraborty, Abhijit Das, Surajit Bose  
90+3 Ref blows the final whistle 1-0 for BFC, stadium erupts, and our Namma-Bengaluru team at the top of the I-league table
90+2 Defense lapse at the other end, corner, last chance for United Sports!
90+1 when you have John Johnson in defense, seldom you need to worry!
90' 3 mins added
87' Rock solid John Johnson in defense!   
83' Substitution for BFC, Malemn IN Chhetri OUT  
79' United's coach Elco shown the door, he sits outside the dugout. 
78' Nasty challenge by Menyongar!
77' Freekick for United, gone futile 
74.50 USC doing all good till the midfield, but clueless inside the box, sheer brilliance of BFC defense
71' Deepak gets a yellow card after he brought down Keegan!
46' Match resume after lemon break, one change for USC, Surojit Bose IN Rafique Out 
45' +2' first half concludes, a good game displayed by both the teams, Ranty is thoroughly checked by Curtis Osano 
45' +2 minutes time added42' great counter from USC, Deepak Mondal falters inside the box
40' BFC pressurizing USC defense for last 4 minutes 
37' unbelievable miss by Rooney, got the posession after a fumble by Anupam Sarkar. 1-1 with keeper, Sangram punches out  
36.20 lovely touch from Ranty, plays 1-1 with Rafique, no one was there to collect his final delivery
35' Dipak comes upfront, earns a freekick for his team, wasted by Eric 
30' Nothing productive from Ranty so far, but medio Eric Brown looked impressive for USC  
26.30 a great pass by Captain Chhetri for Darren, the later fumbles on the penalty box 
25.50' By far a good display of possessional football by USC, BFC is relying on couter attack 
24' A great thru pass for Ranty from Jayanta Sen, he was in an offside dilemma. 
22' BFC on attack mode, coming from the right flank this time. thwarted by USC defense 
20' Vishal fouled by Jayanta, John Menyongar takes freekick, wasted  
18 Keegan makes a goal line save, lucky BFC, consistent attack from USC 
17.45 Eric's freekick, almost got the equalizer for USC
16.45 Siam fouls Jayanta, freekick for USC
13.56 Great pass from the mid for Ranty, he sets up for Rafique, offside! 
12' BFC earns their 2nd corner, but time, John could not repeat his feat!
9.52' Some good solo skills by USC striker Md. Rafique, fouled, Eric brown takes the freekick, wasted! 
8.17' Defender John seems to be the foreigner of the season, great attitude   
5' Throw in for USC, Dhana throw cleared by John Johnson 
3'00 G-O-O-A-L As if this was scripted! Beikho takes the corner, and John Johnson heads a goal!  
2.24' Dhana clears the ball, corner for BFC
1.29' Long ball for Ranti, offside
0:00 match kicks off
3.59' USC kicking off, attacking left to right!
3.57 Crowd has already gathered, chanting BFC-BFC-BFC, great atmosphere!  
3:50 United Sports' new foreigner on trial Hassan was seen on the sideline not on the ground!
3.45: BFC is keeping the winning combination, Malemn and Thoi is back, in the team list, but not in the starting XI 
 Hello folks, will go live from 3.30 pm, well before the kick-off! 

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