Thursday, November 17, 2016

6th Parikrma Champions League commencing next week

The 6th edition of the U-16 Parikrma Champions League will be played from November 24 thru 26 at the Bangalore Football Stadium. A total of 16 teams, 13 of Bengaluru’s, 1 team from Kerala, and 2 teams from Goa will battle it out for this year’s cup. 

Parikrma Humanity Foundation has always had the enthusiasm for sports, this year the teams will battle it out for the Equality Cup, which that symbolizes the breaking down of social barriers and celebrating the spirit of football in its truest sense. 

CEO of I-League will be inaugurating the tournament. In keeping with the belief of fair play, the players undergo a Bone-density test to determine their ages correctly. 

Matches will be played in knock-out format of 20-20 minutes and the semifinals and final will have 30-30 minute duration.  

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