Tuesday, November 13, 2018

South United edge past a resilient ASC

South United FC Media 

The game witnessed all three goals scored in the second half where either team could have nicked a winner. Finally it was left up to striker Riswanali’s left footed strike to register South United FC’s third win out of four games. 

The first half was relatively well controlled by SUFC, as they kept a good defensive shape and created chances at the other end as well. The threat from ASC came from their talismanic captain and striker Jotin Singh. With four goals already in the league, he threatened the goal on more than one occasion from open play as well as set pieces. 

Players for South United FC including Riswanali, Magesh and Aaron were guilty of squandering chances against a resilient ASC team. As they kept plodding away at the ASC defense, they found gaps on at least 2 occasions where the striker was through on goal with only the keeper to beat and they couldn’t make the most of those chances. 

Given ASC’s performance in previous games where they came back to win at least a point or all three, these weren’t good omens for South United FC. 

The second half began with SUFC showing more impetus in attack and it paid off early as Aaron was played through on the right wing on his own with only the keeper to beat but a great distance to cover, he chose to ignore his team-mates running through the middle and deliver a stunning lobbed goal over a stranded ASC keeper. 

That early second half goal should have settled nerves for South United FC, but ASC were sparked to life with that goal and the game flowed from end to end. In one of the many ASC attacks, a ball over the top found Jotin Singh in space drifting out to the left flank. His stuttering low cross met Samananda who put the ball past Jayanth form close range to tie the score. 

Both teams continued to create, but South United had the better chances of the two, Aaron and Riswanali both missing from close range late on. 

They almost left it too late, but the breakthrough came in the 86th minute as Magesh’s chipped pass found Aaron with his back towards the goal at the edge of the box. He deftly laid it off to Riswanali who knocked it past the last defender and smashed home the goal with his left foot. 

Either side could have nicked the game in the last 20 minutes but in the end the chances that South United FC created and the slightly more efficient shooting won out.  

Monday, November 5, 2018

South United smash Eagles, register second win

South United FC Media

Putting the ghosts of their 0-3 defeat in their previous game, South United came out on top against Bangalore Eagles, and recorded a 3-0 win.  

After a cagey first 10 minutes, South United started gaining some ground in the game. They began to threaten through Riswanali and Aaron on the wings. In the 14th minute, Aaron found Riswan in the box with a looping cross which took the attacker slightly wider than he would have hoped, but he cut back in and skipped past a challenge before making some space for himself to register the first goal of the game. 

The goal gave SUFC impetus which saw them register two more great chances in the 5 minutes following the first strike. The Eagles were able to regain some semblance of control following that patch of chaos as they slowed the game down. 

The boys clad in orange played with more confidence after the first goal but saw the play disrupted often by some poor challenged from Eagles. 

The second half saw a similar pattern as the first 10 minutes of the game as both teams struggled to get a hold of the game. A 56th minute stunner from Nidhin woke the stadium as he found himself in the opposition box on the right and smashed one home from the outside of his right boot. The strike left everyone including the Eagles goalkeeper befuddled as to how the strike had ended up in the goal. 

The second goal for South United FC saw the Bangalore Eagles try and find some more incisiveness in their attack and they started to threaten through some long-range shots and crosses cut back from the touchline. It drew some breath-taking saves from the SUFC custodian Jayanth. 

The home side put the outcome of the game to bed in the 85th minute as Aaron was played through on goals and he was brought down as he tried to skip past the keeper. Shinu put away the resulting penalty with a low hard finish to the goalkeeper’s right. 

Some solid defending and more commanding work from Jayanth in goal ensure that South United FC finished with a clean sheet. 

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Fixture & Points Table - BDFA Super Division League 2018-19

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

  1. Sun 21-10-18: MEG 1 (Asif-90'+6') Vs Bangalore Dream United 2 (Vishnu-23', Anirudh-26')
  2. Mon 22-10-18: CIL 0 Vs Student Union 3 (Emmanuel-33’, 75’, Ankith-81’)
  3. Tue 23-10-18: Bangalore Independents 2 (Surendar-5', D'Souza-61') Vs Bangalore Eagles 1 (Gopi-59’)  
  4. Wed 24-10-18:  South United FC 4 (Riswan Ali-22’, 52’, Aaron Dcosta-47’, 82’) Vs ADE 0  
  5. Thu 25-10-18: Kickstart FC 4 (Kutty Mani Sampath Kumar-39' [P] 71', Duleep-49' Manoj-81') Vs FC Bengaluru United 2 (Vishnu-58', Ämöëš-69' [P])  
  6. Fri 26-10-18: MEG 2 (Gopal Krishna-90'+2' [OG], Rahul-90'+4') Vs CIL 1 (Suren-57')  
  7. Sat 27-10-18: ASC 2 (Jotin Singh-4', 35') Vs Jawahar Union FC 1 (Jonathan-49')  
  8. Sun 28-10-18: Bangalore Independents 2 (John-62', Chanra Mani-74' OG]) Vs Bangalore Dream United 1 (Vishnu-30') 
  9. Mon 29-10-18: Bangalore Eagles FC 3 (Kiran-18', Manivanan-87', Sunil Christopher-90'+1') Vs Students Union 2 (Sudeer-29', Emmanuel-40')  
  10. Tue 30-10-18: Jawahar Union FC 0 Vs ADE 0 
  11. Wed 31-10-18: FC Bengaluru United 3 (Abdul Hamza-11', 38', Kaviarasan-90'+4') Vs South United FC 0 
  12. Thu 01 -11-18: MEG 0 Vs Kickstart FC 0
  13. Fri 02-11-18: Bangalore Dream United 2 (Niyaz–14', 80') Vs ASC 2 (Jotin Singh–90'+2', 90'+4' 
  14. Sat 03-11-18: Students Union 3 (Sudheer-1', Emmanuel-4', Pavan-90'+2') Vs ADE 2 (Lijjth-3', Steven Raj 90'+1') 
  15. Sun 04-11-18: Bangalore Independents 0 Vs Jawahar Union 0
  16. Mon 05-11-18: South United 3 (Riswan Ali-14', Nidhin-56' Shinu-85' [P]) V Bangalore Eagles 0 
  17. Tue 06-11-18: CIL 0 V FC Bengaluru United 5 ((Amoes-56' 80' Binesh-38' Sathish Kumar-59'))
  18. Wed 07-11-18: Bengaluru FC 2 (Jithin-15'[OG], Lalrintuluanga-90') Vs Bangalore Dream United 0 
  19. Fri 09-11-18: Bangalore Independents 2 (Afrid-8', 30') Vs Students Union 0 
  20. Sat 10-11-18: OZONE FC Bengaluru 4 (Jithin-14' 82', Shai-90', Prabin-90'+4') Vs Kickstart FC 0 
  21. Sun 11-11-18: Bengaluru FC 0 Vs MEG 1 (Mujeeb-44')
  22. Mon 12-11-18: ADE 3 (Stephen-54', Lijeeth-78', Rajkiran-90'+1') Vs Bangalore Eagles 0  
  23. Tue 13-11-18: South United 2 (Aaron-53', Riswan-42') Vs ASC 1 (Samananda-68')  
  24. Wed 14-11-18: Jawahar Union 1 (Joshua-8') Vs FC Bengaluru United 1 (David-22')
  25. Thu 15-11-18: CIL 0 Vs OZONE FC Bengaluru 2 (Shai-33', 53') 
  26. Fri 16-11-18: Bengaluru FC Vs Students Union 
  27. Sat 24-11-18: Kickstart FC Vs Bengaluru FC 
  28. Tue 27-11-18: Bengaluru FC Vs OZONE FC Bengaluru 
  29. Wed 28-11-18: South United Vs Bangalore Dream United 
  30. Thu 29-11-18: ASC Vs Kickstart FC 
  31. Fri 30-11-18: OZONE FC Bengaluru Vs MEG 
  32. Sat 01-12-18 FC Bengaluru United Vs Bangalore Eagles 
  33. Sun 02-12-18: Bengaluru Fc Vs South United 
  34. Mon 03-12-18: Bangalore Independents Vs Ozone FC Bengaluru 
  35. Wed 05-12-18: CIL Vs Jawahar Union 
  36. Thu 06-12-18: ADE Vs ASC 
  37. Fri 07-12-18: Bengaluru Fc Vs Bangalore Eagles 
  38. Sat 08-12-18: Kickstart FC Vs ADE 
  39. Sun 09-12-18: MEG Vs FC Bengaluru United 
  40. Mon 10-12-18: Students Union Vs Bangalore Dream United 
  41. Tue 11-12-18: Bengaluru Fc Vs Bangalore Independents 
  42. Wed 12-12-18: Ozone FC Bengaluru Vs Jawahar Union 
  43. Thu 13-12-18: CIL Vs South United 
  44. Fri 14-12-18: Bengaluru FC Vs ADE 
  45. Sat 15-12-18: ASC Vs Bangalore Eagles 
  46. Sun 16-12-18: Kickstart FC Vs Bangalore Dream United 
  47. Sun 16-12-18: Ozone FC Bengaluru Vs Students Union 
  48. Mon 17-12-18: MEG Vs Jawahar Union 
  49. Mon 17-12-18: Bengaluru Fc Vs Fc Bengaluru United 
  50. Tue 18-12-18: Bangalore Independents Vs CIL 
  51. Tue 18-12-18: South United Vs Kickstart FC 
  52. Wed 19-12-18: Ozone FC Bengaluru Vs ADE 
  53. Wed 19-12-18: ASC Vs Students Union 
  54. Thu 20-12-18: Bangalore Eagles Vs Bangalore Dream United 
  55. Thu 20-12-18: Bengaluru Fc Vs Jawahar Union 
  56. Fri 21-12-18: ASC Vs FC Bengaluru United 
  57. Fri 21-12-18: Bangalore Independents Vs South United 
  58. Sun 23-12-18: CIL Vs Kickstart FC 
  59. Sun 23-12-18: MEG Vs Students Union 
  60. Mon 24-12-18: ADE Vs Bangalore Dream United 
  61. Mon 24-12-18: Ozone FC Bengaluru Vs Bangalore Eagles 
  62. Tue 25-12-18: South United Vs Jawahar Union 
  63. Tue 25-12-18: Bangalore Independents Vs Fc Bengaluru United 
  64. Wed 26-12-18: MEG Vs ADE 
  65. Wed 26-12-18: Students Union Vs Kickstart FC 
  66. Thu 27-12-18: Ozone FC Bengaluru Vs Bangalore Dream United 
  67. Thu 27-12-18: Bengaluru FC Vs ASC 
  68. Fri 28-12-18: CIL Vs ADE 
  69. Fri 28-12-18: Jawahar Union Vs Bangalore Eagles 
  70. Sat 29-12-18: FC Bengaluru United Vs Students Union 
  71. Sat 29-12-18: Bangalore Independents Vs ASC 
  72. Sun 30-12-18: Ozone FC Bengaluru Vs South United 
  73. Sun 30-12-18: Bengaluru FC Vs CIL 
  74. Mon 31-12-18Jawahar Union Vs Bangalore Dream United 
  75. Mon 31-12-18: MEG Vs Bangalore Eagles 
  76. Wed 02-01-19: ADE Vs FC Bengaluru United 
  77. Wed 02-01-19: Bangalore Independents Vs Kickstart FC 
  78. Thu 03-01-19: CIL Vs ASC 
  79. Thu 03-01-19: MEG Vs South United 
  80. Fri 04-01-19: Kickstart Fc Vs Bangalore Eagles 
  81. Fri 04-01-19: South United Vs Students Union 
  82. Sat 05-01-19: OZONE FC Bengaluru Vs FC Bengaluru United 
  83. Sat 05-01-19: Bangalore Independents Vs ADE 
  84. Sun 06-01-19: Students Union Vs Jawahar Union 
  85. Sun 06-01-19: MEG Vs ASC 
  86. Mon 07-01-19: CIL Vs Bangalore Dream United 
  87. Mon 07-01-19: OZONE FC Bengaluru Vs ASC 
  88. Tue 08-01-19: CIL Vs Bangalore Eagles 
  89. Tue 08-01-19: Kickstart Fc Vs Jawahar Union 
  90. Wed 09-01-19: MEG Vs Bangalore Independents 
  91. Wed 09-01-19: FC Bengaluru United Vs Bangalore Dream United 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

South United lose to FC Bengaluru United

South United Media

The first setback of the season came early for South United FC as they went down 3-0 to FC Bengaluru United. The game saw chances created at both ends but FC Bengaluru United were more clinical with their shots on goal than their opponents. 

South United conceded two goals in the first half and one in the dying minutes of the second to make the scored 3-0. They started the game on the back foot, with a few errant passes finding the red and white clad Bengaluru United players in dangerous areas. They struggled to defend the wider areas and eventually paid the price for it as a low cross found an unmarked Hamza in the box and he cut back in to slot home from a meter away to put his side ahead. 

A few half chances the other way fell to Aaron and Riswanali but they could not restore parity for South United FC. It became a theme that would run through the game for coach Miquel Llado’s boys.
Bengaluru United would make SUFC pay for the missed chances with another goal before they wound up the first half. It gave the trailing side a lot to tinker with at half time. 

It was a first half peppered with poor challenges and confrontations as well, spilling over into the second half. The two-goal deficit left South United FC with a mountain to climb. In cognizance of their situation, the team flew forward and threw caution to the wind, but they lacked a sharpness that their opponents were showing in attacking scenarios. 

The introductions of Lokesh, Anup, and Sooraj over the course of the second half to bolster the attack proved fruitless in the end as the team continued to squander good chances and found others blocked or parried by a good defensive unit. 

The hosts were on target once again in the dying minutes as Kayl made the score line 3-0 in their favor.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

South United adds four new players to the squad

South United Media

South United have completed the signings of Riswanali (Striker), Kishori (Striker), Sharukh Rahman (Central Midfielder), and Shinu Siluvapillai (Centre Back). It’s a mix of players with potential and quality to match the ambition of South United FC. 

Speaking on the signings, Director of South United Football Club, Sharan Parikh, said, “We are delighted to bring Riswan, Shinu, Kishori, and Sharukh on board. They bring a fresh outlook to our squad that we hope will serve us well in the upcoming season. Our goal will be to help them grow and develop at South United.” 

The new players and the new head coach Miquel Llado have begun the season well. The Spanish coach spoke about his vision for the team and how he saw these players in the mix, saying, “The style of football we want to play at South United Football Club is challenging and technical. We want to have the ball and command the play.” 

“From what we’ve seen in training these boys will help us refine that style. They’re full of potential and I hope we can bring the best out of them.” 

Among the new signing is 22-year-old Riswanali who comes to South United with loads of promise, having played with the likes of Gokulam FC and Chennai City FC. Following these spells was his 2017-18 season with the Kerala Blasters Reserve Team in the I-League 2nd Division. His stint at City Athletic FC didn’t last too long before South United FC came calling. 

Joining him, to bolster the attack is 19-year-old Kishori. A graduate of the BFC Academy, he has since sharpened his skills with the BFC U18 team. 

The club has also reeled in Sharukh Rahman from Peerless Sports Club, where he lit up the pitch for 4 years. The 25-year-old featured in the massive win for Peerless SC against East Bengal in the Calcutta Football League. 

Rounding up the newest arrivals is 22-year-old Shinu Siluvapillai fresh from his experience in the I-League with Gokulam Kerala FC.

Shinu Siluvapillai