Thursday, January 21, 2021

Kickstart wipe out Income Tax 10-0, ASC equalize to earn a late draw against Students Union

Income Tax is soon turning out to the weakest team in this edition of BDFA Super Division. Not only did they lose all three matches played thus far, but the losses are also by big margin. After conceding 8 goals in previous two encounters in the BDFA League, they lost to Kickstart FC 10–0 today.  

Young Nikhil Raj gave Kickstart the lead in the first minute of the game, which followed a barrage of goals, wiping out Income Tax 10-0. 

The other game of the day between ASC and Students Union looked exciting when the former team levelled the score in the 94th minute when a 25-yard astounding shot from Shafeel went in the back of the net. The Students Union boys were was confident of pocketing full points and were waiting for the final whistle. 


 - Kickstart 10 (Nikhil Raj-1', 61', Tharun M- 11' [OG], Sudheer Kotekela-25', Satish Kumar-35', Luckey Kelechukukwa Micheal-4', 59', 83', Harpreet Singh-50', Vignesh-88') Vs Income Tax 0   

 - ASC 2 (Thiyagarajan-33', Shafeel PP-90'+4') Vs Student Union 2 (Lokesh M-53', Sujith Kumar-76') 


File Pic: Kickstart FC Vs FC Deccan played on Jan 15, 2021

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